Effective communication is built around a central idea, with which to engage the target audience, and around which to build the message. The starting point is invariably listening and understanding.

We dig deeper, crafting messages that engage, inform and persuade.

Strategic Communications Services

Once we understand the essence of your message, the best medium will be apparent.
Sometimes it will be a printed object – a letter or a brochure or a flyer.
But most often it will be digital – an email, newsletter or website.

It’s probably time we talked specifics. Some of the media we work with most often are…

Q&A Interviews

The Q&A interview is something of a specialty of ours. We create stories that capture the essence of your business and knit those stories around your people. Our Q&As engage your audience in a way that dry descriptive material cannot.

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Regular newsletters are a great way to keep your stakeholders informed about what’s happening in and around your business. More than that, they’re a great way to expand your audience – then keep them engaged.

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Business Blogs

Every business blog post is another page on your website to be indexed by search engines and shared on social media. Business blogging is also an opportunity to establish you as an authority in your area of expertise, and enhance your other PR efforts.

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Walter Munro, Principal

Walter Munro

“At any given point in time a business will face subtle communications issues relating to specific objectives and stakeholder groups. Each piece of communication must balance those specific requirements with the overall brand and business culture.

The solution involves finding what journalists and authors call ‘the hook’, the central idea idea with which to engage the target audience and around which to build the message. The starting point is invariably listening and understanding.

Following ten years in Investment Banking in Sydney and Tokyo,I became involved in start-ups including; Macquarie Bank’s Macquarie Filmed Investments (a tax effective film and television financing vehicle); Binary Business (an internet presence provider which became one of two preferred suppliers to Accor Hotels in the Asia Pacific), and MoneyTalk Media (a digital advertising firm based on finance related content marketing)… and now Quintessant.

I derive great satisfaction from communicating complex ideas in a simple and succinct manner.