Regular newsletters are a great way to keep your stakeholders informed about what’s happening in and around your business. More than that, they’re a great way to expand your audience – then keep them engaged.

Newsletters also provide a reason for people to provide you with their contact details so you can build up a valuable database of (current or potential) customers, investors, the media and other stakeholders most interested in your business.

The database can then be used for press releases and irregular emails allow you to direct important news to specific stakeholder groups.

Your newsletter is a direct communication with an individual reader, offering them first-hand information “straight from the horses mouth”. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate that you understand your stakeholders and the subjects they find interesting or useful. In other words, used properly, it can be a personal bridge between your business and your audience.

And surveys show that readers who find a newsletter interesting will often forward it to a friend, expanding your reach and extending ‘social media’ to email.

We’ll happily work with your current mailing software or organise the whole thing for you – software, newsletter design, and content.