The Q&A interview is something of a specialty of ours. We create stories that capture the essence of your business and knit those stories around your people. Our Q&As engage your audience in a way that dry descriptive material cannot.

Q&A’s do more than introduce your key staff. They personalise your business, giving readers a glimpse inside, drawing them closer.

They’re the perfect format for gently reinforcing key aspects of your message in a friendly, non-marketing voice.

After some initial preparation, the interview itself rarely takes over an hour, during which time we probe into the heart of your business in relaxed conversation. We then author a series of brief Q&A articles that speak to your audience in a personal ‘one-one-one’ voice.

Q&As can be emailed to stakeholders, form press releases, feature in newsletters, and/or on websites.

If budget permits, they can form the basis of video interviews, taking audience engagement even higher.